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Meet our team

MECOP is led by a Board of Directors, Curriculum Committee and staff who work collaboratively to meet partner needs and to deliver quality CME programs to clinicians and health care team members throughout the US.


Our staff

MECOP’s staff is accessible and focused on providing quality, evidence-based programs that address problems in practice in innovative ways.


Board of Directors

The MECOP Board of Directors serves as MECOP’s governing body and is comprised of seven members. The MECOP Board meets quarterly to discuss partner relations, program outcomes and accreditation compliance.  The Board of Directors enacts policies to guide the overall success of the organization.


Curriculum Committee

In addition to its Board of Directors, MECOP has a Curriculum Committee that guides the content of the CME programs that MECOP accredits. They review all CME applications and needs assessments to ensure that the scope of each proposed activity fits an identified practice gap.