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March 3 @ 12:00 am CST

Performance Forum for Healthcare Improvement

Prevention and Evaluation of Chronic Conditions

1. Providers will demonstrate and apply the techniques learned to continue to prevent cardiovascular disease. 2. Providers will gain knowledge on early identification of disease; specifically DM, Heart Disease, CKD 3. Optimize treatments for chronic conditions 4. Providers will evaluate 5 cases studies and identify chronic conditions and optimize treatment plans 5. Demonstrate and Understand Medicare Guidelines 6. Evaluation and Treatment of Prevalent Chronic Conditions: DM, PVD, CHF, COPD 7. Define Medicare Risk Adjustment and Establish Best Practices in clinics 8. Define medicare guidelines and understand M.E.A.T. 9. Evaluation and definition of Malnutrition 10. Optimize diagnostic work ups for respiratory diseases 11. Review diagnostic criteria for DM, CHF, COPD, PVD, Purpura
Physician Partners, LLC
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